Having a sofa in the living room is a necessity for completing the ambience as well as the comfort of your home. Deciding on the right kind of sofa involves many factors such the color, spacing, functionality, shape and more. Having the right choice on a sofa can be a good decision for a long-term investment. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying a sofa for your space.


Before deciding on a sofa, the first thing which you have to consider is the area you have to fit it in. Analyse your living space where you want to put a sofa and measure the dimensions that you can use to put one. The size and shape of your sofa depend on the dimensions of the available space. Height of the space is also important as it will help you find the right low-seating or high seating sofa. Along with the space for a sofa, keep in mind the additional furniture you require such as a center table, a side table, lamp etc. Do your calculations so that you have enough free space around the house and the room does not look conjusted.


Once you have space for a sofa, figure out the direction, the adjustments with the nearby furniture and walls. Figure out whether it will be facing the TV, window or a fireplace. Is it going to be in the center of the room or attached to the wall? Is there a proper orientation of the room facing to one single direction? Make sure that when you place the sofa in the room, it should shape itself with the other interiors and not look odd against the existing layout. Make an idle setup which satisfies your mind and body with proper lighting and comfort around the space.


Another important thing which you need to consider is the purpose of the sofa. If you are staying alone, then the sofa can be a compact one with space for 5 people. It can also be just an add-on to the rest of the house. You can choose from rectangular sofas to L-shaped sofas according to what purpose they will be serving in the room. There are also multi-purpose sofas which can be converted into a bed which can make you comfortable under a blanket while watching a movie on a sick day.

The style and color

Your living room is a piece of art that adds to the personality of your home. Choose the materials of the sofa in resonance with the other furniture. Choose the right fabric which can provide comfort as well as a nice texture which is catcy to the eyes. There is a leather range for more classic style living rooms and also linen, cotton, synthetic microfiber for a more homely space.

The Pallete

Your sofa should compliment the color and pattern of the room. It should not look odd in a single palette room. If you have light colored walls, then you can go with bold and bright colors. For a more contrasting theme, you can also add different colored pillows and cushions.